Boris Johnson and his fiancé Carrie Symonds are delighted to announce the birth, this morning, of a baby boy at an NHS hospital in north London.

Although there has been no formal announcement from 10 Downing St a spokesman spokeswoman for the PM and his partner said both mother and baby are “doing very well”. It is understood the Mr Johnson was present throughout the birth.

The baby is Ms Symonds’ first child, while Mr Johnson is known to have fathered five.

Mr Johnson only returned to work on Monday after spending time in intensive care with coronavirus. It is understood that Ms Symonds also suffered symptoms of the disease.

Johnson was present at delivery, although whether it was natural or by cesarean section has not yet been confirmed. During his ICU stay at St. Thomas Hospital, the “premier” received the latest ultrasounds sent to him by his fiancée as the coronavirus forced them to be separated for almost a month.

Labour opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer celebrated the “wonderful news”, as did Scotland’s chief minister Nicola Sturgeon. More cautious and realistic, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Arlene Foster warned the prime minister: “More sleepless nights ahead!”

Johnson and Symonds had returned to Downing Street on Sunday after a two-week stay at the Checkers’ residence, where the two recovered after contracting the coronavirus. The pair had announced the bride’s pregnancy and their plans to get married in March, before the epidemic broke out.

Johnson received warm congratulations from the entire political class, although analysts highlighted how the news can become a new “distraction”, at the height of the epidemic.

The premature birth surprised both locals and strangers. The couple had announced the birth “for early summer,” preceded by a wedding for close friends. All the plans were put on hold because of the emergency situation and by Johnson’s own announcement on March 26, when he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Boris’s other children

The Prime Minister has had a very complicated love life over the years, with his six children ranging in age from 26 year old Lara to this morning’s new arrival.

Four of his five previous children are said to be very successful, attending top private schools and Cambridge Uni with some very impressive jobs between them.

But not a lot is known about his youngest child, and it’s believed she doesn’t have anything to do with her dad or half-siblings.

Lara Lettice is Johnson and former wife Marina’s oldest child was conceived ahead of their wedding in 1993. She uses the double-barrelled surname Johnson-Wheeler, with the second being her mum’s surname.

At 26, she is just five years younger than her dad’s fiancé, Carrie.

Milo Arthur, 24, is Boris and Marina’s oldest son and is a keen sportsman.

Cassia Peaches is aged 22 and studied at Highgate School, in London.

Theodore Apollo is Boris and Marina’s youngest child, and he is now 20. He went to Cambridge University.

Stephanie is Boris’ youngest child, born through his affair with property developer Helen Macintyre. She was born in 2009 but has very little to do with her dad or her half siblings.


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