Emma Tytherleigh and new horse Ricchi in Munich.
Emma Tytherleigh and new horse Ricchi in Munich.

  • Quote: ‘I have many Equestrian friends, particularly in the Torrevieja region of Spain, who haven’t seen their horses in weeks, due to lockdown regulations’.

International Equestrian trick rider-equine performer Emma Tytherleigh reflects on Spain and the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, in an exclusive interview from Munich, Germany, with Andrew Atkinson.

I’M certainly one of the lucky ones – in this crazy world we live in today.

Those are the feelings of Emma Tytherleigh, currently in Munich, Germany, in the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic across the world.

Emma, based in the Costa Blanca, prior to going to Munich where she starred in the Horse Theatre show Cavalluna for two years, is famed for her Flamenco shows for over a decade.

“I have many Equestrian friends at home, particularly in the Torrevieja region of Spain, who haven’t seen their horses in weeks, due to lockdown regulations.

“Their yards are closed – leaving the stable owners to take good care of the horses,” said Emma.

“My best friend, Brooke Saxon, who many will remember from our Flamenco shows at Casa La Pedrera a few years back, has had a season of shows and events cancelled,” said Emma.

“Smaller riding schools and family run trekking centres are on ‘pause’ – like many businesses – the difference being the animals still need feeding and exercising,” said Emma.

“If you’re planning to go riding in the future, please consider buying a Gift voucher, to help keep small businesses afloat. “They are what most little girls dream of, turned into adults, doing it for passion – and the love of horses.

“I’m sure many would love an afternoon in the countryside – after being stuck indoors, once coronavirus restrictions are lifted,” said Emma.

Emma, living in an apartment with four very passionate horsemen and women, said: “Our horses are just a walk down a hill – surrounded by glorious countryside. I am truly blessed.

“I have bought a new horse, Ricchi, he’s at the beginning of his education, and I can’t wait to start showing him off to the world!”.

As in the rest of Europe, live events are are cancelled in Germany, until the end of August, at present, due to COVID-19 regulations.

“Myself and trick riding partner James Denny are currently experimenting with different social media platforms.

“We are live on my Instagram channel on Wednesday afternoons, giving our audience a real insight into our trick riding training sessions.

“Something that has not been done before – we’re receiving amazing, positive feed-back,” said Emma. Instagram: @emmatytherleigh

*ALUMINIOS ALDESUR looks forward to welcoming back its clients after lockdown.


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