Andalucia proposes to reopen beaches with security screens around sunbeds

Andalusia proposes to install security screens around its sunbeds

The President of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, has spoken to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, about the opening of beaches for the summer season with reduced capacity and the installation of security “screens” for sunbeds and umbrellas that will ensure safety distances preventing the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The idea was explained by Moreno during an appearance from the Palacio de San Telmo in which he took part electronically in Sánchez’s seventh meeting with the regional presidents to update everyone about the coronavirus health crisis, in which he also called for a national rescue plan for the tourist industry.

The head of the Andalusian Executive explained that this proposal was well received by the Prime Minister, who has also promised to study the summer planning on the coasts proposed by Andalusia.

Moreno argued that the opening of the beaches this summer is “very important” for the tourism sector, although the coronavirus pandemic poses “difficulties” that will require “everyone’s best effort.”

“Some beach will have to remain closed but there are others that may be opened by using these screens, marking safety distances between sunbeds and umbrellas”, explained Moreno, who also stated that a “limited capacity” will be necessary on each beach which will be maintained by the Local Police and the State Security Forces ».

Social discipline

In his opinion, these measures are essential to “if there is to be the real possibility of opening the beaches” this summer and “to be able to have a reasonable tourist season where business can start to regenerate some economic activity and save jobs, employment and companies, but always with guarantees and social discipline that we all have to preserve.

Moreno said he was pleased that Sánchez was receptive to his proposal for a national rescue plan for tourism because it is undoubtedly the economic sector “that has been the worst affected” by Covid-19 and it is essential “to help businessmen so that they do not have to close their company’s.”

As he explained, the priority must also include a rescue plan “avoiding further damage to companies and helping to promote national tourism with a financial injection to companies with zero income that are on the verge of collapse”.


Asked if he supports the opening of beaches for the under 14’s and for individual sports, Moreno said he was very keen “as long as the safety distances are fully respected” since the size of the beaches allows “sport and running” with enough “preventive social distance” who might want to use this environment.


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