The Councillor for the Environment and Beaches, Antonio Vidal, says that the ban has been introduced to stop the permanent parking of motorhomes

The Councillor for Beaches and the Environment, Antonio Vidal, has announced that, in order to resolve a problem of the semi-permanent parking of motorhomes, the Torrevieja City Council has introduced a parking ban in the area of ​​Calas de Torrevieja, between La Higuera cove and Los Locos beach, in an area where dozens of motorhomes regularly take up residence for long periods of the year.

The move has been introduced, not only as a result of constant complaints from residents also to ensure the protection of endangered species of fauna and flora. The council has now erected signing clearly highlighting the new municipal regulations.

Vidal said that after months of meetings and negotiations with the Provincial Coastal Service, and the submission of reports from the Municipal Biologist, Juan Antonio Pujol, the decision has been taken to put an end to the indiscriminate parking of motorhomes, returning the area once again to the peaceful and natural aspect of one of the best known areas of the Torrevieja coast.

From now on the Local Police have instructions to enforce a parking ban for all vehicles, denouncing those violators who do not comply with fines of up to 200 euros.


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