Torrevieja City Council is abandoning and ignoring many of its residents who are without papers, leaving them in the most precarious situation.

They say that there is a group of over a hundred impoverished people who are in this position, and the City Council has not provided them with anywhere to sleep under cover, collect food, eat, or even carry out personal hygiene.

Neither have they received any medical attention or checks so that they can avoid possible infections which could become a transmission factor for Covid-19.

Excessive bureaucratic obstacles mean that many of them are still without official and legal papers, making it difficult for them to receive and benefit from the aid and support that has been established by public organisations, the Torrevieja City Council and many NGOs.

Los Verdes has asked the city council that these people are not ignored. They have also requested that a monitoring and communication channel be established to allow them to be identified in order to enable them to receive the minimum essential benefits.

“The lack of social sensitivity remains one of the hallmarks of the municipal policy of Mayor Eduardo Dolón and the Popular Party” they said.

“There are no votes or photo opportunities, which does not serve for partisan propaganda that the mayor demands for his political promotion.”

Let no one be excluded from the battle against the coronavirus, even the destitute.


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