Arrested for throwing his pet from a fifth floor balcony

Arrested for throwing his pet from a fifth floor balcony

The man was very aggressive and threw various items off his the balcony, including his pet, which died instantly.

National Police officers have arrested a 27-year-old man, of Spanish origin, for the crimes of damage, animal abuse, resistance to arrest and assault. The man threw a number of objects from his 5th floor balcony onto the street below causing damage to two vehicles, in addition to throwing over his pet that died instantly.

The events occurred around 7:30pm on Wednesday when the agents attended his 5th floor apartment in Gandia, where a man had been reported by neighbours for throwing objects into the street below.

Two patrols attended the incident, one of which remained on the street evaluating the damage and keeping the public away from the falling objects. The second unit went up to the apartment, where they asked the man, on several occasions, to open the door, which he refused to as he continued to throw objects, including his pet, onto the street.

The agents eventually gained access to the property at which point they were attacked by the man wielding a can of spray paint. They were eventually able to overcome the man and take him into custody who continued to be aggressive during his transfer to the police station and to the doctor who was called to appraise his situation.

He was eventually charged with damage to property, animal abuse, resistance to arrest and assault and has since been detained in custody.


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