Occupancy in the most seriously infected units has returned to levels of late March with 112 patients in Alicante hospital ICU’s

The capacity of Intensive Care Units in the province of Alicante continues to improve thanks to the slow but continuous decrease in patients in a critical condition caused by the coronavirus . According to data provided at the end of the week by the Ministry of Health, the number of people being treated such units in the province was 112, three fewer people than the previous day and the lowest figure since 29 March.

In the province of Alicante there are currently 195 beds available in Intensive Care Units, 129 in public hospital and a further 66 in clinics. This means the occupation level was 57.4%, a long way from the 74% that these critical units were at in early April.

Many of the Intensive Care beds in the province have been moved to exclusive units supporting Covid-19 patients. The remaining patients, and also some Covid patients when the ICUs were full, were moved to Anaesthesiology services, which, thanks to the cessation of scheduled operations, were able to adapt operating room areas to attend to critically ill patients.

At the moment this reorganisation of beds to care for seriously ill patients will continue in the large hospitals in case there is a rebound in the number of cases, however the Alicante General Hospital has been able to return 2 units that were being used for Covid to their usual services.