Man shot in Gandia as he attacks two national police officers

Man shot in Gandia as he attacks two national police officers

  • A man tries to stab his parents in Gandia and then attacks two policemen

A 37-year-old man has tried to stab his two parents this morning and also two policemen who were called to deal with the incident. The events took place on Tuesday in Gandia.

Due to their seriousness, one of the policemen was forced to shoot the aggressor, who has since been admitted to a hospital where he remains stable.

The call was received around 2:25 p.m. stating that a man was said to be trying to kill his parents with a knife at his home in Gandia. Two National Policemen attended the incident  where they found an elderly woman, the mother of the aggressor who was screaming for help as her son was threatening to kill her and husband with two knives.

The police arrived to find the 37-year-old aggressor, “waving around his arms and with a knife in each hand.” As they entered he moved towards them saying that he was going to kill them.

One of the officers tried to disarm the aggressor who was attempting to stab him in the head and neck, but was held off, while the other policeman sprayed him with a CS spray.

Although he broke away the aggressor then threw chairs and even a bottle of butane at the officers. As they approached him for a second time, the policemen were again subjected to a bombardment of furniture and household items.

One of the police officers was cornered against the wall as the attacker approached and continued to threaten with a knife so his partner says he had no alternative other than to shoot: two shots, one in the leg and a second that hit him in the body.

When he fell to the ground, the police quickly covered his wounds and alerted the emergency services. The two policemen suffered various injuries themselves, although they did not require medical attention.

The 37-year-old aggressor has been hospitalised although he remains stable. Neither the father nor the mother of the aggressor were injured, nor a neighbour who went to the house after the mother called for assistance.


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