• Community President Ximo Puig has announced an agreement with the Community Pharmaceutical College making masks available “at reasonable prices” and “no one is excluded”

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has announced that the Consell has reached an agreement with the Pharmaceutical Colleges of the Valencian Community for the free distribution of masks to people over 65 years of age and others who are part of the risk groups.

They will be available in the next few days and can be obtained on production of a SIP card at pharmacies.

Puig said that masks “are one more element of protection” that must be “used well” and, in this respect, he praised the “advisory work” carried out by pharmacies to inform users on their proper usage.

In addition, Ximo Puig said that the Generalitat will work to achieve “the maximum supply” possible and will offer help to pharmacists.

He said that this Tuesday morning the ninth plane from China arrived with sanitary protection material for the Valencian Community and that a total of 12 million masks have now been received from China, 2.4 million today, the amount that he will be distributing to pharmacies.

The president thanked the transporters for their work in unloading and distributing the material adding that in the operation of guaranteeing sanitary material, “this Silk Road operation continues to be a reliable channel”.