5 Reasons Why Mobile Casinos are Growing in Popularity

5 Reasons Why Mobile Casinos are Growing in Popularity
5 Reasons Why Mobile Casinos are Growing in Popularity

The online casino market is thriving. Numbers are up year on year and it’s only expected to continue as everyone switches to a mobile-first way of thinking. To put those assumptions into real figures, the 2018-19 annual report from the UK Gambling Commission outlines some solid number in terms of changes in consumer behaviour:

  • More than 50% of consumers now gamble online and we have seen a shift towards mobile use over PC or tablet use, with 44% of consumers gambling via their mobile phones.
  • The four largest operators now account for 61% of online market share, up from 42% in 2011.

That second point is interesting. Are the four big guns in the industry squeezing everyone out? It may look that way but there are plenty of brands outside of the big four offering some great casino betting experiences. Betway is a prime example. Betway is an international brand and they’ve quickly established themselves as one of the better choices for casino players.

Their casino offering is fantastic, so feel free to give them a try as an alternative If you’ve not yet had the chance to bet with them. Beyond Betway there are many more online casinos battling for that slice of the pie. That pie being the other 39% of the online market share in the industry.

There must be some solid reasons why mobile casinos are increasing in popularity at a rate of knots, right? Right. Let’s outline the top five.


Most people have a phone or a tablet device. And most people want things instantly. This is what you can enjoy by playing at an online casino on your mobile device. Whether you’re sat on your sofa at home, on the train heading into work, or sitting on a bench in the local park, you can always enjoy some online casino gameplay instantly. As long as you have an internet connection of course.

In the latest Gambling participation in 2018: behaviour, awareness and attitudes report from the Gambling Commission, mobile phone use for betting has increased and it’s clear that players on the go tend to be the younger generation:

“Mobile phone use for gambling purposes significantly increased (44%, an increase of 5 percentage points from 2017), while laptop use significantly declined (45%, a 5 percentage point decrease from 2017).

Typically, online gamblers play at home (96%). Younger age groups are more likely to gamble outside the home, either on their commute, at work, at a sports venue, or at a pub or club.

Among online gamblers, 23% have bet in-play (a 4 percentage point decrease from 2017), with the rate being highest among 18-24 year olds. On average, online gamblers have three accounts with online gambling operators.”

Improved Connectivity

With the improvement in connectivity stretching far and wide, you can bet almost anywhere in the world these days. 4G was really a turning point for online betting, and the arrival of 5G will improve the overall experience even further.

Everyone is able to enjoy a quick and seamless mobile betting experience, so why would you then switch to a Laptop or Desktop PC where there could be some fixed internet line issues?

Quality of the Online Experience

As technology advances, so too does the quality of online casinos. The enhancements in hardware has allowed software providers to supply the most amazing casino games. The graphics are great, the audio is second to none, and the overall experience is improving year after year.

This is why online sites are on the rise, even though we still have lots of other well-established entertainment choices like land-based casinos or the UK national lottery – which is huge in the UK.


Not all mobiles and tablets were happy allowing Flash based games to intrude on their device. That frustration among casino players has come and gone after online casinos made the switch to HTML5. It allows for error free gameplay at a casino’s online site via the web browser. There’s no real need to download a separate mobile casino app anymore. Save that memory on your phone for something else.

A Plethora of Choice

If you think of an online casino and picture some roulette and blackjack tables, then you’re way off in terms of what’s on offer to players. Ok, so you do get different varieties of roulette and blackjack, but you can also enjoy the likes of slots, video poker, craps, keno, and baccarat. You’re spoilt for choice. There really is something for everyone.

But if you’re still not convinced to ride the online casino wave with everyone else, there’s always the best land casinos in Spain to keep things authentic.


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