Although a slight reduction from the previous two days, the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate Spain as it has added a further 728 people to the death toll during the last 24 hours, which now totals 15,283,

There are also 152,446 confirmed cases, a 3.9% increase in new infections compared to yesterday with 5,756 additional cases. 52,165 people have overcome the disease.

Healthcare no longer provides the number of patients in intensive care since the way in which the data is collected across the country is not standard.

The Communities of Madrid and Catalonia are the two areas that represent the highest number of infections with Covid-19, with the capital at the top with 43,877, while the Catalan region grows to 31,043. However, they also have the best recovery figures with 21,121 and 13,063, respectively.

The number of additional cases and deaths day by day since 2 April

Disturbing trend in Valencian Community as deaths creep back up

  • Troubling rebound in the Community with 300 new cases and 43 more deaths than yesterday
  • The Valencian Community reaches 8,000 cases and 800 deaths since the outbreak began.

There has been a disturbing trend in the last few hours the Valencian Community which has registered 309 new cases and 43 deaths due to the coronavirus. This is the second increase in consecutive days after 212 new cases and 52 deaths were confirmed on Wednesday.

In her press conference this Thursday morning, the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, said there are now 7,964 cases registered since the pandemic broke out, and 767 deaths.

The new cases have been registered mostly in the province of Valencia, 238, followed by Alicante with 47 cases and Castellón, with 22. Of the almost 8,000 positives Valencia has over half of them (4,188), followed by the province of Alicante with 2,850 and Castellón, with 921.

The number of those who have passed away is now 767, 43 more than yesterday: In Valencia there have been 361 deaths, Alicante 310 and Castellón, 92.

1,600 people admitted to Valencian hospitals

As of today there are 1,616 patients with coronavirus in Valencian hospitals, 98 fewer than Wednesday. By provinces, 910 are in Valencian hospitals, 176 of them are in ICU; in the province of Alicante there are 487 patients admitted, 131 of them in the ICU; in Castellón there are 219 infected in provincial hospitals, 41 of them in ICU.

There are 1,377 infected medical personnel although there have been 242 recoveries while four medical professionals have died

There is some good news, there have been 428 discharges in the last 24 hours, so the total number of people recovered in the Community is 1,772: 946 in Valencia, 632 in Alicante and 194 in Castellón.

89 cases in nursing homes and 233 deaths

The number of residences with coronavirus cases has decreased by 17. The reason, according to Barceló, is that there are residences that only had a single positive worker or a resident: “This worker or resident was quarantined, has been discharged and there have been no further outbreaks.

According to updated data, there are now 63 residences in the province of Valencia with positive cases, 23 in Alicante and 13 in Castellón. 233 seniors have already died of coronavirus in the Community since the pandemic broke out while 976 elders and 239 care workers have also tested positive.

The Ministry of Health currently has 13 residences under its supervision in which the evolution of the outbreak is worrying: 4 in Castellón (one more than yesterday), 5 in Alicante and 4 in Valencia.