Strength, unity, affection, encouragement and energy are some of the most repeated words in many of the hundreds of messages of support sent for patients who have been admitted to the Ribera Salud hospitals after contracting the COVID19 virus

There is so much admiration of the patients for their bravery and their fight against a virus that, in addition to the physical difficulties, also forces isolation; and to the medical staff for their dedication, their self-sacrifice and their courage as they attempt to stop this global pandemic.

Camaraderie is a rising quality in COVID19 times and it has spread faster than the virus itself. That is why Ribera Salud has opted to group all actions related to this global health crisis on a single web page.

And by popular request, as solidarity is not only expressed in words, the healthcare group has expanded the options to send support and salutations to patients and professionals.

“Your spirit is our strength” is the section that now allows people to send text messages and also drawings, audios and videos as encouragement to the patients’ and the marathon working shifts of the health workers.

“These messages brighten our day and make us feel very encouraged during these weeks of hard work,” say the staff at Ribera Salud.

The website also gathers all the good wishes from individuals, groups and organisations for the staff of the Ribera Salud hospitals as well as with the patients

The “Solidarity People” section is also a “newspaper” which shows the generosity of people,  businesses, associations, clubs and companies of all sizes and from all sectors, who are also supporting those who fight COVID19..


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