Civil Guard closes unauthorised Torrevieja bar and gymnasium

Civil Guard closes unauthorised Torrevieja bar and gymnasium

Following complaints from several residents Guardia agents, have found a bar in the town that continued to run its hospitality business, clandestinely, letting customers through half open shutters.

The agents confirmed it’s operation after they saw an elderly man, who was walking his dog, stop at the front door and, after looking around to make sure no one was watching, kicked the door twice with his foot. The door was opened, the man disappeared inside and the shutter was lowered to the floor.

The uniformed officers then entered the premises, where they found the man drinking beer. As a result, both the owner of the bar and the client of the same have been sanctioned.

In the kitchen the police found drugs and cash

At two other locations in the town police have also found a second bar that was operating illicitly under the guise of being a grocery shop, and a gymnasium

On inspecting the shop the Guardia found that it was carrying out bar functions. At the time of their arrival the staff were serving food was being served to a client.

But given the nervousness of the staff the Guardia further inspected the site where, in the kitchen they found 10 doses of cocaine, 45 blister packs of Viagra, various notebooks recording the details of drug transactions, 1,358 euros in cash, drug making equipment and DNI cards deposited by buyers as insurance for future payment.

As a result of the discovery the Civil Guard arrested an 18-year-old woman, a national of the Dominican Republic, who was subsequently charged with drug trafficking.

Also in Torrevieja, a 40-year-old Spanish man has been sanctioned for an alleged crime of serious disobedience, having continued the activities at his gymnasium. The Civil Guard alerted by neighbourhood complaints and suspicions that this gym was being used by members behind closed doors.

As the agents watched the unit they saw people arriving with bags and sports clothes remaining there for about an hour. The shutters were always closed, but there was a code that allowed them access to the building.

When the Civil Guard entered the building they found that the clients did not carry any type of sanitary security measure, gloves or masks. They have now been charged for breaching the containment measures and the premises have been sealed.


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