• Dozens of fines proposed on drivers
  • Quote: ‘To arrive here to sunbathe – at a time when people are dying with coronavirus’

By Andrew Atkinson

Santa Pola police have cracked down on people arriving in the area – despite the coronavirus lockdown – with dozens of fines proposed on law-breaking motorists.

Under the strategy of COVID-19-Police Controls, road set-ups are in place, with both the local Policia and National Policia present at entry points in the seaside town.

“Fines were proposed on those not respecting the measures in place of the alarm state,” said a spokesperson from Santa Pola police.

In the case of a ‘proposal’ for sanction, any fines will be administered by the government sub-delegation.

Amongst people arriving from within Spain, reportedly includes Madrid, where the coronavirus situation has registered the highest numbers of people testing positive.

People stopped by the Policia have been forced to return to their places of origin.

“We request citizen collaboration at this time. Stay at home,” added the police spokesperson.

In case of an emergency or need to contact the police telephone 965 41 1103.

Despite movement strictly limited, people are arriving in many seaside areas in the Alicante and Murcia provinces.

Santa Pola police crackdown on motorists.
Santa Pola police crackdown on motorists.

In the popular location of Playa Lisa, Santa Pola beach, it is reported by residents that vehicles are arriving, en masse.

“To arrive here – to sunbathe – at a time when people are dying with coronavirus!

“We cannot thank the police enough for the work they are doing – for the safety of everyone.

“The local and National Policia are risking their lives. Most are adhering to the legislation that is in place – but many are not listening,” said a resident of Santa Pola.

“People are on the beach – in their swimwear – shame on those that break the rules,” said another resident from Santa Pola.


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