• Former women’s football star speaks about role as medic in coronavirus epidemic
  • The Yátova player works as a doctor in a hospital in Utiel
  • Quote: “There is a lot of work but we will win this match, of course we will win’.

By Andrew Atkinson

Former Valencian women’s football team forward Paula Grau, who plays for UD Yátova in the FFCV, has spoken about her role as a doctor, in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

“We have been forced to do double shifts, to cover for our colleagues who have been infected. Fatigue is beginning to affect us all”, said Paula, a primary care physician in Utiel.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has stretched hospitals worldwide, with Spain receiving urgent medical supplies from China.

Paula, who played in the Valencia team, during 2004-08, and played in the Levante UD, prior to retiring, aged just 19, said: “There is a lot of work, especially responding to calls and assistance at home, where we take samples.

“The cases that develop favourably, we follow them by keeping in telephone contact. Those who are poorly, we go to the home and examine them, to assess whether they should be sent to the hospital, or given treatment at home.”

Paula, 31, who returned to play football for her home town, is currently in isolation and not able to see her family or partner.

“From one day to the next, life has completely changed,” said Paula.

On the healthcare, Paula said: “Our healthcare system is very good, but I think it should be much more de-privatized. “The correct measures have been taken, but perhaps a little late.”

Following her return to football in the 1st Regional at Yátova, Paula said: “I retired at 19. Aged 23, I played, half of the time for Marítim and half for Yátova. “Now, aged 31, I have resumed soccer in my home town.”

All sports are currently on lockdown, cancelled due to the coronavirus. Paula, in an interview with FFCV, said: “With so much work you don’t have time to think. But I really want to get back into training – with my teammates – and continue to enjoy the sport.”

On the coronavirus battle, Paula added: “We will end up winning this match, of course we will win.”


Paula Grau: footballer and primary care physician.


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