• In the last 24 hours there have been 864 more deaths
  • A further 56 deaths in just 24 hours in the Valencian Community
  • 414 new cases have been registered since yesterday in the Community

The coronavirus pandemic continues to grow in Spain. According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours there have been 864 more deaths, bringing the number of deaths from the epidemic to 9,053. This is the highest number recorded so far, after Tuesday’s record (849 dead). The infected number is now 102,136, after registering 7,719 more.

The virus has killed 56 more people in the Valencian Community in the last 24hours. This was confirmed by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, this Wednesday morning at a press conference held in Valencia. In addition, 414 new cases have been confirmed, most of them in Valencia. With these figures, the total number of infections in the region now stands at 5,922 with a total of 395 deaths.

Of the new infections 215 have occurred in Valencia, 152 in Castellón and 47 in Alicante. The total number of infections is 660 in Castellón, 2,173 in Alicante and 3,089 in Valencia.

Deaths also continue to increase, unfortunately, of which there have been 56 in the last 24 hours. The total number of deceased is now 395: 186 in Valencia, 167 in Alicante and 42 in Castellón.

The Minister said this Wednesday, that the number admitted to Valencian hospitals is the same as yesterday where there were 200 discharges and 200 new admissions.

The majority of those admitted are in Valencia where there are 192 in the ICU. Alicante has 792 positives who are hospitalised and 133 in the ICU. In Castellón, 213 are in provincial hospitals, 40 of them in ICU.

The situation in Care Homes continues to be of concern since they are “a critical point for the spread of the virus”, said Barceló. There are currently 80 residences in the Community affected by the coronavirus, 459 infected residents and 98 deaths. By province, there are 52 affected residences in Valencia, 20 in Alicante and 8 in Castellon.

Barceló wanted to highlight that “not all are suffering from the same degree of severity since there are some in which only one resident has tested positive and others in which many of the staff have  been infected.”

In this sense, work is being done on a procedure that will be put in place during the next few hours which aims to separate infected residents and those who are not infected into different residences: “You need to break that chain of transmission and provide the elderly with safe spaces and healthcare resources”

There have been 169 hospital discharges in Valencia, 62 in Alicante and 9 in Castellón since the pandemic began.

The epidemic has already killed more than 30,000 people across Europe, more than two thirds of which are in Italy and Spain.

The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, said on Tuesday that the coronavirus is the “most difficult ” crisis that the world has faced since World War II, while he launched a plan to counter the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic .

“On the one hand, it is a disease that represents a threat to everyone in the world and, on the other, it has an economic impact that will bring a recession without parallel, in the recent past,” said Guterres during a virtual press conference.

Thus, “the combination of the two facts and the risk that it contributes to greater instability, greater discontent and greater conflict are things that make us believe that this is indeed the biggest crisis we have ever faced since World War II, “he said.


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