Go Hard or Go Home – Rock Climbing in Costa Blanca

Go Hard or Go Home – Rock Climbing in Costa Blanca
Go Hard or Go Home – Rock Climbing in Costa Blanca

Spain is a location that is visited by many throughout the year, and it’s become known as quite the favoured winter vacation spot. This is due to the fact that it generally remains quite warm during that time, and where the Costa Blanca is concerned, this is due to the fact that it has intriguing spots for rock climbing to take place.

Many people come from northern parts of Europe to experience a much warmer climate in the winter months. And in their time exploring the region, it’s inevitable that they find themselves being drawn to the peaks.

Rock climbing isn’t really considered a sport, but it has become an activity that the region has become known for by many. So, while you may not be able to place official bets on different climbers making it to the end of a rock climbing expedition before others, perhaps you don’t need to.

While on such a journey, you could make use of something like the Betfair applications to place sports wagers from any location. Just imagine being on a peak and remembering that your favourite football team is playing today. You’ve forgotten to place a swift bet on the game. Well, the Betfair mobile app is there ready and waiting for you to do so.

Of course, you’ll get to navigate many different crags and gain access to various peaks by ascending safely up the sides. And just imagine – there’s plenty of sun beaming down on you while you do it.

So Many Peaks to Ascend

While many locations are possible to access as a rock climber on the Costa Blanca, perhaps one of the most breath-taking is tackling the Great Ridges. These unite climbing with mountain walking, providing exceptional views over the region. There are some perfect ridge walks, including the Bernia Ridge and the El Castellets. The scenery is pretty much out of this world, and you get to see it all from a perfect vantage point.

Yet, many people have also said that the crowning glories of a trip to Costa Blanca are accessing The Mountains and the Penon de Ifach. The latter of these offers a 332m high tower close to the beach, which provides two main climbing areas to ascend.

Puig Campana
Puig Campana

Yet, if you take a bit of a trip further inland, the mountains there have provided much excitement to many climbers over the years. Make sure that you watch out for the Puig Campana. This dominates and dwarfs the skyscrapers that can be seen in the area of Benidorm. Another is the Espolon Central, which has quite the climb to undertake (and then an equal trek back down, too).

Whatever the case may be when you visit the Costa Blanca, the hope is that you will have a great time wherever you climb and/or trek. So, just be sure that you’re behaving properly and staying safe on the rocks.

The likelihood is that you’ll see plenty of other climbing enthusiasts there at the same time as you, so be sure to wish them a “Buenos dias” as you pass!