Best Places to Watch Horse Racing and Sporting Events in Alicante

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Best Places to Watch Horse Racing and Sporting Events in Alicante

There are plenty of places to visit in Alicante, including the popular locations of Benidorm and Torrevieja. Yet, where exactly does one go when you need to take in a bit of sport and see how your favourite teams and players are getting on?

Well, that’s precisely what we’re here to inform you on. So, let’s take a look at the best places to watch horse racing and other sporting events in Alicante.

Citrus Café Bar

While this establishment operates as a basic café during the daytime, it transforms perfectly into a bar at night. It’s a great place to visit and have a few drunks and a chat with your friends, but it also makes for a great location to watch your favourite sporting events at, too.

One of the biggest highlights of the Citrus Café Bar is the fact that it provides homemade cakes to guests. A friendly Gold Society meets at the Citrus Bar frequently as well, so you can chat with them about the club, and even one of the cafe’s owners, Damian is able to provide details of such.

The Railway Tavern

We half expected this place to be owned and operated by the family from The Railway Children, but alas, that’s not the case. Instead, The Railway Tavern operates as a British pub, serving all-day breakfast from its locale in the centre of Denia. A huge choice of sporting events are shown on the television, while betting machines are available to play as well. So, you could place a few wagers on the slots and watch games unfold in front of your eyes at the same time.

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Best Places to Watch Horse Racing and Sporting Events in Benidorm
Best Places to Watch Horse Racing and Sporting Events in Benidorm

Sol Beach Bar

Alicante is known for providing people with great access to the beach, and what could be better than taking in a game or two while drinking a cold pint and hearing the waves crash against the shore? That’s exactly what you’ll get to experience when you visit the Sol Beach Bar in Benidorm.

The bar offers a great selection of cocktails as well, while both Spanish and British beers are on the menu. Inside, seven television screens are active, displaying a variety of sports for you to focus on.

Bodhran Irish Bar

Without a doubt, anywhere that you go, there’s bound to be at least one Irish bar. In Benidorm, it’s the Bodhran Irish Bar. Run by the Hourigan family from Cork, this establishment relishes in providing Gaelic sports on the television.

Celtic football is known to be on the screen a lot of the time, really bringing the Irish theme to the forefront. Live music also takes place at the Bodhran, occurring every night from 9:30pm. If you want a real treat when visiting Benidorm, this is the place to be for sports fans.