The Ministry of Health has just announced the number of deaths from coronavirus which now number 5,690.

The number of people infected with the virus has jumped to 72,248, an increase of 8,189 on Saturday, two weeks after the declaration of the state of alarm.

It seems that COVID-19 continues to be unstoppable in Spain: today’s mortality data, 832 deaths, represents the largest figure ever on a single day.

According to the updated figures provided by the Ministry of Health, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus is now 72,248, that is, 8,189 more than yesterday. The number of patients who require intensive care is 4,575. The number of recovered patients has also risen, accounting for 12,285 people who have now overcome the disease.

The most affected community continues to be Madrid, with 21,520 confirmed cases and 2,757 deaths, in addition to 1,404 people who are in ICUs.


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