Chinese rapid test kits bought from an unlicensed company

Chinese rapid test kits bought from an unlicensed company
Chinese rapid test kits bought from an unlicensed company

  • Biologists warn: 70% of the millions of rapid tests purchased by the Government are not reliable

The Chinese Embassy in Spain has now pitched in to the argument reported this Thursday about the coronavirus rapid test kits purchased by the Spanish Government from China, saying via Twitter that the purchase was made from an unlicensed company

The company was Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology about which the Chinese Embassy has said that the company “has not yet obtained the official license from the National Administration of Medical Products of China to sell its products.”

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Having put the test kits into use yesterday a report issued by the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC) stated that this class of rapid tests have very little reliability. Only 30% of the results are reliable with the remaining 70% providing inaccurate readings.

The Embassy has confirmed, however, that the materials donated by its Government and by private companies, such as the Alibaba Group (AliExpress), do not include items from this company. “Donations made by the Chinese government and other organisations like the Alibaba Group do not include products supplied by Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology,” they state.

“The purchase of sanitary items announced by the Ministry of Health is ongoing and many of the the materials have not yet left China. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce provided Spain with a list of classified suppliers, on which Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology was not included, “says the Embassy.


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