6 Useful Skills Every Man Should Master

6 Useful Skills Every Man Should Master
6 Useful Skills Every Man Should Master

We live in an age where the lines between each gender are blurred. Things are not considered and defined by what is manly or womanly because society accepts that both genders can master different skills and not be confined by gender.

Nonetheless, some skills are more catered for men to be able to master as opposed to women. A person does not have to master every skill at once, but simply develop different skills over the years that will aid in their existence and survival.

Simply put sometimes people will count on a man to perform the necessary skills to help both himself and his family in navigating through life. The following six skills could be deemed useful to every man throughout their life. 

1. Carpentry 

Wood has been one of the oldest skills that mankind had to learn how to manipulate to use it for survival. Wood’s abundance all around the world makes it a commodity that can be easily found. Most men should know the basic skills of cutting, scraping, nailing or screwing pieces of wood together to build things like basic furniture such as shelves, tables, and cabinets.

Of course, learning what type of wood is best for the type of application is the first step. We are also fortunate enough that in the 21st century a lot of easy to use power tools have been invented to use on wood. Learning the kind of saw needed to use for different cuts has made our jobs very easy.

A simple tip would be to measure twice and cut once. Finally, nail guns have made it very easy to put the pieces together. Simply, every man should know how to use woodworking tools. 

2. Welding

Sticking with the trades, being able to know your way around manipulating basic metals is also key to building things around the house such as metal railings, metal trellis for your vines, metal shelves for your garage, coat racks, tables, etc. Welding could also save you substantial amounts of money on many useful things or hobbies.

The best way to manipulate metals is to join them together, which can be done by using high electricity or heat to melt two different surfaces together. According to the experts from WeldingPros.net, metal inert gas welding (MIG) is a popular form for beginner welding to be used for maintenance and repairs.

This is because you can easily join materials of different thicknesses, it is easy to weld in all positions and weld spatter is usually low. 

3. Car Maintenance

Men need to know their ways around basic car problems that might arise over time. Not only will it save one money and time to know how to fix basic car problems, but it could also save them their life if they get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

For example, knowing how to change a tire is relatively easy, but should be learned nonetheless. It is important to be familiar with where the spare tire is, how to raise the vehicle, untighten the lug nuts and replace the tire. Knowing how to put a spare tire on can save you your life.

Another basic car maintenance that most men should be familiar with is how to change the car’s oil, replace a broken taillight, change the car battery and replace basic car fluids like windshield washer, engine coolant, brake fluid and so on. 

4. First Aid

This is a basic survival skill that can get one out of danger no matter where they are at. Knowing what to keep around you to clean and dress a certain wound can be the difference between life and death. Knowing CPR can help save someone’s life. CPR is always revolving so it is important to know how to perform it and what to do. The Heimlich maneuver is also an important life-saving technique to know just in case a loved one starts to choke. 

5. Cook

Every man should know how to cook or grill. It does not have to be anything fancy. Simply knowing how to cook a simple chicken dinner can save a lot of money from going to those very expensive restaurants. Cooking healthy is just as important. Knowing how to make a vegetable plate just as tasty as meat is important in keeping your arteries free of cholesterol. 

6. Negotiate

Bartering is part of life, every man should know the simple techniques of how to get the best price or make the best trade possible for themselves. You never have to pay full price for everything. In fact, most prices in big-ticket items such as cars and houses are always built for negotiating in mind.

Negotiating can also aid your ability to ask for a raise for example. So knowing the right approach is key. 

Throughout their lifetime, men will be faced with various challenges in which humanity expects them to know how to solve. Learning basic life skills such as different trades like carpentry and welding helps them fix and build things around the house. Learning first aid helps them survive or aid others.

Finally learning how to cook and negotiate helps them save a lot of money over their lifetime. So it is important to know and be familiar with the details of these important life skills.


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