Virtually all Doctors in the province continue to denounce the delays with which they are being tested for coronavirus. A family doctor said yesterday that on Tuesday he began to feel ill and that occupational health told him to contact his family doctor.

The latter said that someone would come to his home to do the test. Yesterday, no one had appeared but an email then informed him that there were not enough tests and that they would contact him when one was available.

He said that he is aware of two other family doctors from his department in the same situation.

Lack of protective measures is another regular complaint. “There are patients who come with better masks than the ones we wear,” said a nurse from an Alicante health centre.

In the department of the Alicante General Hospital, the lack of material has led management to ask workers to extend the life of the masks until they break or come into contact with fluids, when in they should only be used for one day.

Four Elda doctors test positive

Four doctors from the General University Hospital of Elda are also confined to their homes after being infected with coronavirus. They belong to different units and at the moment, suffer from only mild symptoms. A spokesman for the hospital said “We are also waiting to find out the microbiological tests carried out on other doctors as well as several nurses to check if they are infected.”

But it is not all bad news as most of those infected in Elda during the early days have already overcome the disease. They started suffering from the symptoms in the first week of March and are now back to full health. However, they are still confined to their homes waiting for the results of the two tests that will confirm they are negative to coronavirus. They describe flu-like symptoms and have overcome the illness by eating light food, drinking plenty of water, and paracetamol.


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