The Ministry of Health has confirmed 195 new cases of coronavirus in the Valencian Community, bringing the total figure to 921. There have now been 24 deaths, one in Castellón, 12 in Valencia and 11 in Alicante, from data that was last consolidated at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

The figures were announced on Thursday by the Valencian Minister for Health, Ana Barceló , who said that of the 195 new cases, 5 are in the province of Castellón; 145 in Valencia and 45 in Alicante. By sex there are 87 men and 108 women.

Of the total number of positives registered in the Valencian Community, 59 are in Castellón, 338 in Alicante and in 522 Valencia. Two other cases have not been assigned because they have no residence in the community. In addition, of the 921 infected people, 299 are in hospital with 59 in Intensive Care Units (ICU).

In addition, Barceló said that by 8:00 pm on Wednesday, there had been 19 discharges, one of them in Castellón, seven in Alicante and eleven in Valencia.

The total of negative tests number to 5,341 and 25,354 calls have been dealt with on the coronavirus hotline service number 900 300 555.

In nursing homes where cases have been detected, she said that in Alcoi (Alicante), where there are 134 residents, 58 of the elderly have symptoms, and in Torrent (Valencia), of 77 residents, 57 are isolated with symptoms and 6 have been hospitalised.

The consellera has confirmed that they have requested more equipment for the staff working in Valencian hospitals and that it will be delivered over this coming weekend and during the early party of next week.

“The Community has been in contact with suppliers for a long time and offers of material have been made to us by universities and many companies, which we have accepted. They will be distributed among the different departments,” said Barceló.

She also wanted to highlight the “generosity and solidarity” of Valencian society to combat this global health crisis, with special emphasis on the offers received by hotel and restaurant chains to make their facilities available to patients. “The generosity is being extraordinary. There are no words,” she stressed.

Coronavirus test

Asked if the health authority is going to carry out rapid tests for coronavirus, as recommended by the World Health Organization, or to enable fast response points so that people can attend in their car, as in other parts of Spain, she said that, for now, she is only aware of it being done in the Basque Country.

The minister underlined that the Government has not yet changed their opinion on this matter. “We have been given some information, but we do not have all that we need. When the Ministry changes its criteria and we have everything ready, we will make sure that we can carry out the tests,” she said.

However, she also confirmed that essential professionals, such as health workers, State Security Forces and other public services such as firefighters, are tested when they have symptoms.

Availability of ICU beds

Barceló also added that Health has sufficient capacity to attend to all the cases that require isolation in an ICU and that the available resources are available. “There is enough capacity, and additional beds are being identified in buildings and rooms that could be converted into ICUs” if necessary.

In Spain as a whole there are currently (Thursday 4pm) 17,395 cases, an overnight increase of 2,626. There have been 803 deaths with 165 recorded in the last 24hrs.


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