• Decree allows you to sleep with your wife, but you cant drive her to work!

The first amendment made to the decree announcing the State of Emergency has now clarified the number of people allowed to travel in a vehicle.

The decree had caused some confusion among the public as it was not clear whether more than one person could travel in a car, however, from today the statement clearly says that a vehicle can only carry only one person.

The goal: to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Both the Civil Guard and the Local Police say that they have been taking hundreds of enquiries as, until today, the decision to sanction was based upon the interpretation made by each officer.

Now the decree has been clarified and of today, March 18, a modification states that anyone venturing out on to the streets “must do so individually, unless accompanying people with disabilities, children or for any other just cause.”

So although you can sleep with your wife you cannot drive her to work or to the supermarket. Do the authorities really believe that the coronavirus cannot be transmitted in bed.