Experts predict that 2020 is the year that property prices for both buyers and sellers, will fall into line, making these transactions more successful than in previous years. Being an equal market doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to sell your home. However, if you follow these steps, you certainly increase your chances.

Price it Accordingly

Now is not the time to be overly greedy or insult your potential buyers. Do your research in your area and price your property, like for like. Of course, you can increase the asking price slightly, but don’t go adding any extra zeros. 

Increase Your Property Value

There are two ways to increase your property value, without breaking the bank. These are upgrading its curbside appeal and room remodeling.

View From the Street

Curbside appeal means the initial view from the street. If the house looks inviting, perhaps stands out from the others (in a positive way, of course), then it’s ready. If not, spruce up the exterior and the landscape to capture those admiring looks.

Internal Views

What two rooms can lose you the sale? The kitchen and the bathroom. These two can look tired and outdated faster than any other place in the house.  This doesn’t need to be an expensive fix. Minor, modern remodeling of these rooms will brighten them up and give your home faster-selling appeal.

To Auction or Not to Auction 

If selling your home is akin to selling your favorite family heirloom, then perhaps an auction sale isn’t right for you. If you have the time and want to vet any future buyers, then consider a private sale.

However, if you aren’t fussed about the buyer and want to move your property fast, then consider selling via auction. These are perfect for a quick sale as they create urgency; often, this type of transaction can happen inside 30 days. 

Stage Your House

Your house needs to look the best it ever has. If your property is vacant, this is the ideal opportunity to ‘stage’ it. Rent some furniture and fittings that highlight the features in every room. 

There are even little tricks like placing tea candles in the bathrooms and also spraying “freshly baked bread” fragrance in the kitchen. Appeal to as many of your future buyers’ senses as possible and watch the offers come in.

When All Else Fails

Maybe for some reason, your house isn’t selling, and you need a quick sale. Did you know that there are companies out there who guarantee to buy your home? They are called “buy any house” organizations, and they really do buy any residential, and sometimes commercial or land property.

The way how we buy any house companies work is that they guarantee to buy your property, no matter what the condition, as they have funds readily available. 

Sell! Sell! Sell!

The time really is right now to sell your property. All you need to succeed is price your house correctly and make the exterior, the kitchen, and the bathroom as appealing as possible. Decide whether you want a quick sale via auction, or sell it more selectively, privately.

At sale-time stage your home so it has maximum wow for your potential buyers. If all of this fails, consider contacting a buy your house company.


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