There’s nothing quite like a camping trip to experience the sheer beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you’re a solo explorer or you’re embarking on a wild adventure with your closest friends, nature will certainly put your patience and adaptability to the test.

It’s a formidable opportunity to reconnect with Mother Earth and to learn a thing or two about yourself. Now, aside from all of the gear you’ll need for basic survival, navigation, safety and health-related matters, a camping trip wouldn’t be whole without a few things to keep you entertained.

In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of cool items you’ll want to consider packing to never run out of fun on your upcoming camping adventure!

1. Hammock

For starters, bringing a hammock is a great way to put yourself in the right mood for a relaxing and entertaining experience at the camp. There’s something so tranquilizing about getting into one of those. Just make sure it’s well-built and solidly attached, to avoid funny and/or harmful situations. Modern hammocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and you’re bound to find an affordable model online for guaranteed swinging fun.

2. Solar-Powered Charger

While we’d usually recommend putting aside all electronics to truly enjoy the pleasures of being outdoors, there’s no denying that our phones have become essential companions in our daily lives -wherever we go. Now, since the environment isn’t equipped with outlets on every single tree, you might want to invest in a convenient solar-powered USB station to keep your smartphone and tablet charged throughout your trip. You’ll certainly get poor reception, but it’ll prove handy if you ever need to call for help – or play Candy Crush.

3. Portable Radio

In a similar vein, any camping essential guide you’ll consult on the internet is bound to include a portable radio. If you’ve decided to leave your phone behind, a battery-powered radio may be your only lifeline to civilization. Now, there are many functional devices to choose from; this full article here will assist you in reviewing the best options on the market. From the specs to pros and cons, it’s a guarantee for a successful purchase. That way, you can tune in on the latest news or listen to cheery country music! Remember to pack some extra batteries, too.

4. Musical Instruments

So, pack your instrument for a rhythmic time by yourself or with your friends!
So, pack your instrument for a rhythmic time by yourself or with your friends!

Speaking of, the open nature is a formidable ground for playing your favorite instrument and sharpening those musical skills. It will also allow you to put some ambiance around the campfire, under the cold starry night. So, pack your guitar, ukulele, harmonica, xylophone, flute, clarinet, djembe, or any other easily transportable instrument for a rhythmic time by yourself or with your friends!

5. Card Games

Among the most basic essentials on this list, you should always keep a deck of cards in your gear pack. It won’t take up much space and will provide hours of fun – take this opportunity to teach your friend your favorite games! Alternatively, card games like UNO or Monopoly Deal are also sure to keep everybody entertained and bring out their competitive edge.

6. Books, Crosswords, Word Search

Particularly if you’ve decided to go on a solo expedition in the woods, chances are you’ll need something to keep you company and help you relax after a full day of excursion, swimming, or hunting. Now would be the perfect opportunity to start on that book everyone’s been recommending finally. Make sure to borrow it, buy a hard copy, or download it on your e-reader or tablet. Similarly, crossword grids and word search puzzles are well known for their therapeutic attributes, so stop at the gas station to get one before heading to your campsite.

7. Fire Crystals

Do you want to dazzle your friends with some cool magic tricks? Fire crystals are a sure way to get some emotions going (laughter, amazement, perhaps fear?) while you’re all gathered around the fire, telling stories and exchanging anecdotes. Throwing one of these in the open flame will make it change colors instantly!

8. Portable Camp Kitchen

Last but not least-although it might strike as a survival equipment piece- a portable kitchen set may very well keep you entertained during your camping trip, whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a more seasoned chef. It’s a convenient amenity to pack that will allow you to prepare your favorite dishes with freshly caught protein! Scour the web for purchasing options.


All things considered, your mind is your best weapon against boredom in the wild. However, for those with less natural resourcefulness, these essentials are a great way to never fall short on fun ideas to keep you entertained all throughout your next outdoor trip.