Vistabella Bowls Report – 23 February 2020

Vistabella Bowls Report - 23 February 2020
Vistabella Bowls Report - 23 February 2020

Another Monday with blue skies and warm temperatures, listening to some Spanish locals, I heard they were worried about whether it would mean higher temperatures in June and July. Lets hope not ! Anyway I digress.

The Enterprise Div. saw the Albatrosses obliterate a strong San Miguel Beagle side 14 – 0 with 130 shots and 71 against.

The Drivers in the Discovery Div. away to San Miguel Bulldogs nicked a cheeky win of 8 – 6 shots 103 – 93 with some very close scores. In the Voyager Div.  the Eagles away to La Siesta Pioneers just got pipped  6 – 8 with 88 shots for and 105 against. The Wednesday Winter league saw Vistabella at home to San Miguel losing a tight match 5 – 7 with shots for 84 and against 96.

Friday saw the Lanzadores Southern div. A. at home to San Luis Lions going down 4 – 10 with shots 90 to 111. A similar result in Div.B. with the Picadores losing away to Country Bowls  10 – 4 with shots for 83 and 107 against .

In Div. C. the Conqistadores at home to Greenlands Ashes took a good hard fought win of 8 – 6 with shots for 103 to 102 against. A week of two halves but some good bowls.

Vistabella Bowls Club is sponsored by: Venture Fleet Services, TV Choice, Oneway Services, Serenity Insurance, Carpet Heaven.  The Winter league is sponsored by Laguna Tavern Entre Naranjos

How about coming and have a go at bowling we would be pleased to see you. We can arrange a free session and lesson . You could get hooked it’s a fabulous game and a very sociable one you’ll meet lots of new friends.

Also bowlers are most welcome, we have a brand new green and are looking for new members. Please contact:  Club Captain – David Jenkins or Charlie Watkins  Reported by : Montestan


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