Are you looking into buying a dog for yourself? Dogs can be amazing pets that can be a constant beacon of happiness and love in your life. What kind of dog should you get? This all depends on what you are looking for in a dog.

While all dogs need proper food, love, care, and attention, what the dog can do and what the dog enjoys to do varies with their breed. 

Just like humans, dogs all have different interests and while even within their breed there will be unique traits. When looking for these pets, the huge variety of dog breeds means there is a huge variety in what to expect from their behavior. Don’t only look at the traits you love, look at the traits that would work with your lifestyle.

Like if you are going to be leaving often, a dog who suffers from separation anxiety would not be a good choice for you. Here are some dog breeds and traits that are unique to them.

Golden Retrievers

These dogs are one of the most common dog breeds around the world. Recognized for their gorgeous coat and color, these dogs are always seen as happy, loving affectionate creatures full of energy.

Due to their popularity, golden retrievers often cross bed with other dog breeds, therefore making golden retriever traits common in many dogs. The golden retriever has unrivaled energy and is able to run for extended periods of time. Originally, these dogs were bred for hunting and therefore have the energy to not only catch up with what it is hunting, but be able to sustain that speed for a long period of time.

If you are not able to take this dog out of the house, you will find it running around everywhere, possibly damaging things in your house due to the high level of excitement it has. These dogs also get bored very easily so make sure to rotate the type of activities you do with your golden retriever along with its toys. Just like us, dogs can get bored of the things they have, so always bring in a wide variety of activities.

Finally, golden retrievers do suffer from separation anxiety, so if you frequently plan on leaving your dog along, this is not the type for you. Golden retrievers are an amazing loyal breed with high energy and affection.

French Bulldogs

French bulldogs have become an extremely popular dog breed in recent years due to their calm, collected nature and small to medium stature. These dogs are extremely friendly and loving to everyone. They enjoy meeting new people and get excited at the prospect of new places.

The calm nature of a French bulldog makes training much less stressful. While these dogs do take more time to train than other breeds, they will not be running around everywhere and causing problems as you are trying to do it. These dogs are also very patient with people.

If a stranger comes up to this dog breed and bothers them, the dog will be extremely patient and not lean towards aggression like other dogs would in this situation. A French bulldog is a perfect dog for those looking for a smaller, fun loving dog.

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are extremely loving but can be very aggressive as well. They will remain loyal to their owners and are not afraid to attack anyone who is looking to harm anyone they love. Pit bulls are also quite strong, as they are able to pull objects much greater than their body weight.

These dogs were bred to hunt and kill, so these dogs will always have a more aggressive personality due to them being bred that way. These dogs also want to be the alpha dog or leader in whatever group they are in.

They will always love you, but might be dangerous to have in the house if you have other animals. If you are looking for a loyal dog and do not have many other pets, the pit bull could be the dog for you.

Dogs have a unique set of traits that make every breed unique and special. Make sure that whatever dog you pick, matches the lifestyle you have. Do not forget that they are just like people, they need large amounts of love, support, and care to survive.  What dog will you be getting?


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