After being found by his parents unconscious, and with blood pouring from his wrists, a young 14 year old boy was admitted to hospital in Alicante last week, the subject of yet another bullying incident of which the school was allegedly aware.

It would appear that the parents had already denounced the alleged bully, a student at the same institute, several months ago, at which time a 50-metre restraining order was put into effect.

On his recovery the boy reported how he was threatened with death, beaten, insulted, intimidated and kicked in the school playground by an aggressor and four of his cohorts.

And when he left class at 2:00 p.m., on the day at the beginning of February, another young man was waiting outside the school wearing a mask, who allegedly raised a razor to his neck and threatened to inflict on him “a Colombian tie” if he did not withdraw the complaints he had made about the alleged aggressor. (A Colombian tie is a method of execution by mutilation that is used in South America wherein the victim’s throat is slashed horizontally, and their tongue pulled out through the open wound.)

The boy was subsequently interviewed by the Civil Guard.

The father said “When my son arrived at the police station last Thursday, he didn’t want to talk because of his fear. I just cried and cried. But little by little, the experts managed to find out what had happened at the institute.” He says that he is relieved the incident was discovered before it went even further but that “I want to denounce the institute, because they were aware of the situation and did absolutely nothing to stop it.”

He said that “My son was not able to speak because of his fear, but I will not make the same mistake. My son has suffered and I will not be silenced, he has to be heard.”

In his statement the boy said that after the initial threats he had to return to class, and that when the second break arrived, the same students who had approached him in the courtyard earlier, continued to bully and insult him, calling him “silly, bastard, asshole, boy rat and fag, ”while they pushed and tripped him to make him fall.

The victim then had to go back to class again, telling the agents that when he left school to go home to eat, another boy he could not recognise because of a mask, had a razor in his hand, and warned him not to denounce the aggressor, because if not “I’m going to give you a Colombian tie.”

The Guardia Civil say that their enquiries are ongoing while it is understood that the parents and boy are still receiving assistance and treatment from social services.


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