Residents affected by the establishment of the Chapel of Rest in la calle San Narciso, close to the centre of San Miguel, described as “incredible and totally unacceptable” the fact that the municipal government has “turned a deaf ear” to their complaints and their complete rejection of the facility, and have ignored their protestations for more than two and a half months.

They say that the work on the funeral home continues even though the provincial director of Public Health has said that there are doubts with regard to the legality of the opening license.

The councillor Maria José Costa Medrano (Cs) accused the mayor of “being afraid” of acting on this issue even though, just a few weeks ago, he said that the City Council cannot grant an opening license.

A spokesman for the Association San Miguel Arcángel, which organised a protest by residents at the doors of the town hall, said it was “surreal” that the demonstration was attended by PSOE councillors and by the IU councillor, but “we do not understand how they have been here in protest while they have failed to answer our claims.”

Meanwhile the mayor, Juan de Dios Fresneda refuted the accusation of lack of attention to the residents saying that it was the current government that first alerted them to the project.

He added that the local government works to resolve “a problem with a much more complicated solution” than when the previous PP- Cs government “first opened the file and insisted that it is a matter” inherited “from the previous mandate.

“It is very easy now from opposition to see the solutions,” he said.


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