Valor Chocolate Museum celebrates twenty years

Valor Chocolate Museum celebrates twenty years
Valor Chocolate Museum celebrates twenty years

The Valor Chocolate Museum in Vila Joiosa is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a wing dedicated to the production of cocoa, designed “to awaken the senses of the visitor.”

During these last two decades, more than 1.5 million visitors have passed through the centre.

Valor will be better able to exhibit the history, mythology and curiosities of chocolate to the public from their new facilities that will accommodate a growing number of tourists, which during the last year alone exceeded 90,000 visits.

The extension, which adds 200 m2 to ​​the complex, is divided into two modern areas located next to the entrance of the nineteenth century family factory where the museum is located.

The first room displays an exhibition focused on the origins of cocoa and its mythology, while in roon two there is a small cinema where you can enjoy a tour through the years showing the origins and milestones of the brand founded in 1881.

The building has been recognised as the Valencian Chocolate Museum by the Generalitat Valenciana since 2008 since which time it has been visited by more than 1.5 million people, including the Spanish Royal Family.


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