What Does Brexit Mean for International Students in the UK?

What Does Brexit Mean for International Students in the UK?
What Does Brexit Mean for International Students in the UK?

Apart from the economic implications of Brexit, there are many other complications that have reared their heads since the vote. There is more than one research paper needed to determine the extent of the effects of Brexit.

International students who wish to study are among those who have been unintentionally influenced by Brexit. The exit was first scheduled for 29 March 2019, but the implications were too diverse and an extension was granted to 31 October 2019. However, the date was further postponed to 1 February 2020 and they have finally left the EU.

The next 11 months will show the extent of the effects of Brexit, but students are still left with very few answers to what Brexit means for them.

The difference between a hard and a soft exit

The negotiations between the EU and the UK have officially ended, but there are still many unanswered questions and a number of different scenarios that can play either in favor or disadvantage the international students.

When there is a ‘soft’ exit, or when the UK decides to stay within the European single market, then European students will still be treated as local and nothing will happen to their tuition fees.

If there is a hard exit, European students will no longer be treated like British students and their tuition will go up. Someone who is doing a Master’s in international trade and economics will have more than enough to speculate about during the next couple of months.

What about the British students who want to study in the EU?

The British students who want to go and study in the EU will face similar challenges as European students who want to study in the UK. There is a certain reciprocity that would likely take place. If EU students are to be treated as international students, then the same will apply to British students who wish to study in the EU.

However, they stand to lose so much more as they will likely pay astronomical amounts to study in Finland, Sweden, or the Netherlands, all of which have excellent universities that they can currently attend as locals.

Who will be hit the hardest?

It all depends on where you currently stay. The students who are currently enrolled won’t be affected in any way. They will be able to finish their current studies as it was before Brexit.

Students who hail from Asia, Africa or the US also don’t have to fear Brexit, as they have always been treated as a foreign student. Therefore, their studies and tuition will remain the same. The ones who will have to wait and see the outcome of Brexit are those staying in Britain and those who stay in the EU.

The ultimate tuition question

The effect of tuition fees is one of the more difficult aspects to predict. Whether you are an EU student or a British student, there is likely to be a change. In all likelihood, the universities in the UK are likely to experience an increase in tuition.

However, in the event of a hard exit, the economic uncertainty will surely put pressure on the pound and it will lose value. This will mean that in the short term, while the universities are adjusting their fees, the fees will be lower, but that will change as well.

What Does Brexit Mean for International Students in the UK?
What Does Brexit Mean for International Students in the UK? Image by Freepik

Who are now welcome?

International students have and always will be welcome in the UK universities, that message was made very clear by faculty and educators alike. Policy regarding international students will change, however.

The current administration is in the process of amending current immigration policies, including student immigration policy. This will ultimately make it much more difficult for international students to study in the UK.

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The quality of education

Finally, the quality of education is another area that is under pressure. The UK has a reputation for having some of the most impressive universities in the world. However, they owe their academic strength to their international academics. From argumentative essay topics for middle school to research at the university level, that can change all too quickly if the process of getting into the UK as an educator becomes too unpredictable.


There is much that still needs to happen for the full effects of Brexit to be felt. One thing is for sure, the way things used to be is going to change forever. No matter how much they try and minimalize the effects. There are going to be unforeseen complications and education is one of the sectors that is going to experience and unnecessary amount of turmoil. Only the future will tell whether it was a good idea or not.

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