Civil Guard warns of new scam passed via WhatsApp

New WhatsApp Scam
New WhatsApp Scam

  • If you receive a message telling you about an SMS with 6 digits “sent by mistake”, delete it.

One of your contacts sends you a WhatsApp, apparently without being aware of it. The message says “Hello, I’m sorry, I sent you a 6-digit code via SMS by mistake, can you pass it back to me, please? It is urgent. ” The message that asks us for a favour, but that we should delete it immediately, since, according to the Navarra Civil Guard, it is “a possible phishing campaign ” passed by the WhatsApp mobile messaging application .

The method is simple: the attacker, once the application is installed onto his own device, enters the number of a possible victim. The system then sends an SMS message with a six-digit verification code to that number. If the code is entered into the application, a malware or program will be installed onto our own device.

The attacker will appear as an acquaintance or someone on our contact list but his account will have already been attacked. The attacker’s message asks the victim to send the code, and this is how he will get control of the account on your device, and with it access to all the groups and contacts of the victim.

It is increasingly common for us to receive such messages or offers through WhatsApp or by email so the most important thing is to be alert. In some cases, these are pirate websites that try to get hold of our personal data through the phishing method, using fake emails to get hold of our personal data. Therefore, do not trust such requests before you can verify it as absolutely dependable.


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