Tips on How to Take Your Amazon FBA to the Next Level

Tips on How to Take Your Amazon FBA to the Next Level
Tips on How to Take Your Amazon FBA to the Next Level

The majority of Amazon FBA sellers often ask questions on how to take their business to the next level. They have enjoyed a level of success with steady revenue flow and they feel that they are ready for the next phase but most of them don’t know the best way to do this.

Most times, they have one or two ideas about what to do but they don’t have the whole picture. This article presents all you need to know about taking your FBA to the level you crave for.

Some consider the processes involved as tedious but when done smartly, it can be much easier. Leveraging existing customers, assets and experience is a smart way to increase your revenue.

The good thing is that there are many tools out there that will help you scale up your Amazon FBA, according to the team at Infinite FBA, picking the right Amazon FBA tool is never easy, but getting it right goes a long way in determining how much success you get from being an Amazon affiliate marketer. 

Listed below are some tips on how to take your amazon fba to the next level:

Launch more products

To consider scaling up your FBA, you must have a fair understanding of your customers since you have products in certain categories and niche(s). All you need to do now is to build your brand to meet more of their needs. When selecting additional products to launch, you must be careful to choose the ones your customers are also interested in.

How do you know the other products they are interested in?

Amazon presents you with valuable channels. You may need to check the following:

What your customers also bought and sponsored items related to the product you offer from product listings

Subcategories within your current category as well as the Amazon store of your competitor.

Demand and supply is the next thing to check. There are products with high potentials higher value and higher margin or low margin. Be diligent about sourcing for a new product to launch and you should leverage channels that will enhance your choice.

Launch the product(s) in existing categories: this ensures less product research on your product listing. You can also use the same trademark for the products since they are in the same category.

You can also launch the products in new categories. There is a higher chance of finding the best opportunities this way.

Exploit product variants using ASINs

‘ASIN’ stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. This option is a very easy way to increase your revenue but is often overlooked. You just piggyback off established listing when launching new products instead of having similar products under a different listing.

This allows you to list closely-related products with little variations together. You need time to review and drive sales when launching new products under a new listing. ASINs gives you exposure right away. If you want to use different keywords, a separate listing might be the best option to take especially with a good launch strategy.

Enter more Amazon markets

Net sales are highest in Amazon US, but other markets are doing fine. Diversifying into these markets is worth it. Amazon helps in shipping existing stock to international warehouses.

Other markets that are doing great include the UK, Japan, and Germany. Most importantly, you need to know what each region requires and different market research. Be sure you know if the level of additional revenue streams outweighs the work.

Maximize existing product listings

You must focus on maximizing what you already have before considering new territories. Product listing optimization gives you a massive revenue boost by the virtue of great ranking, exposure, and conversion.

There are many ways to optimize your product listing. These include tweaking titles, features, descriptions, pricing, images and improving your ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

You can easily track the effect of changes made and see how it affects your revenue flow. Hence, you can tweak until you have a level of revenue flow you consider good enough. From the list of things to tweak, price change has the highest effect on eventual results.

Go Multi-channel

Leveraging Amazon to put your products in the face of numerous buyers every day is surely the biggest advantage of the marketplace. Besides selling on Amazon, you must have other channels. You can create your own eCommerce website or run paid advertisements to your website using Facebooks Ads or Google Adwords. You can also engage other marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, Rakuten and so on.

The tips above will take your FBA selling to the next level and you will get higher revenue. However, you can still get more tips from the search engines and if you are lucky to receive mentorship from any super successful Amazon affiliates, by all means, go for it.


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