Mojacar apply for subsidy to upgrade rural roads

Mojacar apply for subsidy to upgrade rural roads
Mojacar apply for subsidy to upgrade rural roads

  • Mojácar Council Approves their Application for the Junta de Andalucía ‘Plan Itínere’ Subsidy

Mojácar Council recently approved a proposal to apply for a subsidy from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainability to improve two town roads, the Caminos El Faz and La Nava.  The funds available are part of Plan Itínere, which gives financial assistance for improvements to Andalucían rural roads and farm access, which will assist and productivity and competitiveness throughout the region.

The Council have made a technical and financial report for their request of 262,000 Euros for La Nava and 120,000€ for El Faz which covers all aspects of the road building works including drains, ditches and walls, with full adherence to waste and environmental management concerns.

El Camino del Faz, 1,339M long and 3M wide, can take heavy agricultural traffic, which obviously increases at harvest times. These road surfaces have seen significant deterioration and subsidence, with incidences of flooding due to drainage problems.  El Camino de la Nava is around 2,000M long and 5M wide and is also is need of an overhaul.

Over recent years, Mojácar’s different categories of roads and have been repaired and improved by the Council, including paving to many urban areas.  They plan to continue with these ongoing improvements to other rural areas as part of this year’s Provincial Government Road Plan which is focused on upgrading roads and access ways for residential and industrial areas over the 72ksq municipal area.


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