Cross of the Fallen moved to Callosa Museum

Cross of the Fallen moved to Callosa Museum
Cross of the Fallen moved to Callosa Museum

The Callosa de Segura Council, which is now governed by the PP, has put the Cross of the Fallen, removed by the previous left-wing government team, into the Museo del Cáñamo in the town. However the PSPV has said that it is “illegal” to put it on display.

The council say that it has been moved to comply with the 2018 ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) that requires it to be protected against all the elements.

For this, the Cross has been placed in an annex just off the central nave of the local museum, “where it will be protected from weather conditions,” said the Council on its website.

They say that it is inside the museum but it is not exposed.

However Trini Castelló of the PSPV has asked the president of the Valencian PP, Isabel Bonig, to remind her party that the law must be respected.

“Again we see how the policies of the PP are combined with those of the extreme right,” she said, adding “On that cross are the names of 83 victims who fell for God and for Spain, but they did so in support of Francoism, and as such the cross only represents “the faction” that won the war.”