5 Effective Marketing Ideas For Insurance Agents This 2020

5 Effective Marketing Ideas For Insurance Agents This 2020
5 Effective Marketing Ideas For Insurance Agents This 2020

When it comes to growing a business, nothing is more important than marketing, especially in the digital age we live in. People buy a ton of products these days just because they like the marketing campaign or logos. This is why companies have been investing a lot of money into their marketing strategies since this is the most important way to generate leads now.

While some businesses have it figured out in terms of their approach, you have others like insurance agents that are still finding their bearings. These 5 effective marketing ideas can help any insurance agent market their services this 2020.

1.  Search engine optimization

No marketing strategy works without search engine optimization. People look for any services or products they want online in this day and age, and SEO is the only way you will rank high enough on search engine results for people to see you. You obviously need to have a website, but that is not enough. Your website needs to be optimized.

This means that pages need to load really fast so people wouldn’t be put off. Navigation also must be excellent, meaning visitors could easily find their way around the site and locate what they are looking for.

Perhaps, for insurance agents, the most important aspect of SEO is content marketing. You need to provide people with fresh and interesting pieces that answer their questions and give them the information they need about insurance and the different policies out there.

This kind of content, which should be regularly updated, attracts people and ensures you will be able to generate leads all the time.

2.  Network

One of the most important strategies that any insurance agent needs to implement is networking. You need to get your name out there to the different people, and it will help you generate a lot of new leads. As you can see if you browse these different insurance jobs, you have plenty of options out there, from life to health insurance.

You must network in whatever field you specialize in and beyond. Those connections you form will help you get the word out about your services because people trust referrals more than anything. If a person refers your services to an acquaintance, you will have struck gold because this just keeps happening until you have formed a large network of clients.

So, if there are social events you could join, do it. And even consider offering referral bonuses and discounts to your clients so they could be encouraged to tell their friends and family about your services.

3.  Leverage social media

If digital marketing has two arms, one of them is going to be SEO and the other is social media. One doesn’t really work so well without the other. If you want to properly market your services as an insurance agent, using social media platforms is a must. People spend hours every day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and you need to reach them there.

Share interesting content on your pages that would drive people to your website and convert them into leads. Engage your audience and talk to them about what their needs and concerns are. The great thing about social media is how it connects people to their favorite brands, and if you want to become one, you need to properly use those platforms.

4.  Use email marketing

Despite being one of the most efficient marketing tools out there, email marketing is seldom used by companies. As an insurance agent, this is not something you can afford to do. Studies show that email marketing can significantly improve your conversion rates because it is a personalized approach that is based on people’s data.

It is targeted rather than random, which is why it is efficient and you should use it to market your services.

5.  Encourage reviews

People trust online reviews more than you could possibly imagine, and just about everybody reads them before buying a product or a service. This is why it is very important that you encourage your clients to post reviews and have them displayed on your website. This gives your services much credibility and shows people that you are trustworthy, which encourages them to hire your services.

It is crucial that you keep trying new things to market your services as an insurance agent. There are a lot of different channels and approaches that you could use to get the word out, but that doesn’t mean you should just stick to one or two. The more effort you put into this whole marketing thing, the better it will be for your business.


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