Which Sport Should You Play and How to Prepare for it

Which Sport Should You Play and How to Prepare for it
Which Sport Should You Play and How to Prepare for it

While most sports being played today had been developed, to the form we currently see, around the 19th and 20th centuries, their origins go way back. It is hard to put an exact date on when certain sports originated, but some ancient records suggest, of its existence, almost 3,000 years ago.

Most experts speculate that the first sports ever played were boxing and wrestling, but the evidence is not yet concrete enough to be 100% sure. Most of the sports back then originated from practical methods of transportation, like horse riding or military action, like archery and fencing.

Some individuals are not so lucky and did not get to experience sports in their childhood, however, it’s never too late. There are over 200 internationally recognized sports from a total of 8000 that are being played across the world. If you are still trying to find the perfect sport for you, it may feel like an overwhelming search with a lot of research involved. We’ll try to help guide you in picking the sport that is perfect for you.


It is okay to get excited every time you see a sport being played, but you need to make sure to keep your level of enthusiasm up. The thing about sports is that they require dedication; even if your body is perfect, without dedication you won’t be able to improve. Having fun is a very important element, so you’ll want something that does not feel like a chore, but still be quite challenging.

If you are interested in precision and accuracy, sports like archery can be perfect for you. Archery can be even infused with DIY skills, where you can even learn how to make a bow and arrow with a DIY bow guide, to fit a pretty cool survivalist trope and craft your own tools. From primitive tools to advanced ones, you’ll enjoy every bit of the learning curve, if it truly interests you.

If you’re interested in keeping your body at a top physical level, enjoy running and being a team player, you’ll find your calling in team sports the most. It’s up to you to decide which team sport you’d like and whether you’d enjoy football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, or a myriad of other sports. Those who enjoy solo competition get to choose from an even bigger collection of sports, from combat sports like boxing and MMA to racket sports like tennis.

Physical Preparedness

Every sport has different standards when it comes to physique and power. Some sports may require your body to be able to endure and handle long-duration of physical action, like long-distance running; while some require mental capacity training, like chess. It’s quite important to understand the different aspects concerning your sport of choice, as it will help you quite a lot, in the long run, to be able to perform better.

Some people try to take their body shape into consideration when they’re choosing sports, to have an advantage. Tall people are known to have an advantage in basketball, while bulky or stocky people may prefer weightlifting or football.

Getting Involved

There is nothing wrong with being unsure about the sport you’d like to play. A lot of people may spend time hopping around sports looking for the ideal one. The key is to get involved with whichever sport you choose to play. Getting into a sports routine is very helpful for many reasons. The extra motivation you get from playing sports can leak into many aspects of your life and keep your gears going.

Team sports are known to be good for beginners, as the spirit of a team can give you a good boost when you’re still testing the waters and getting involved. Getting prepared for a sport is not a one-size-fits-all kinds of things. Every sport has different ideal ways and definitions of getting prepared, so it’s recommended that you research a lot and ask the experts for the best method.

Choosing a sport can be a life-changing event, especially for those who are looking to compete with all their might. A lot of people enjoy playing sports, but some may take it a step further and create a professional career out of it. You can hit two birds with one stone, if you manage to make money off playing a sport that you enjoy.

There is no such thing as the best sport and, while some sports may be less popular than others, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be more enjoyable.


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