Storm Gloria devastates homes at Babalonia beach Guardamar.

Former fishrmens houses on Babalonia beach, Guardamar
Former fishrmens houses on Babalonia beach, Guardamar

  • Storm Gloria devastates former fishermens houses at Babalonia beach Guardamar. Report and photographs by Andrew Atkinson.

STORM Gloria that hit Spain put another nail in the coffin of the former fishermens houses at Babalonia beach in Guardamar.

The latest deluge of heavy rain – and stormy weather at sea – took its toll on the dozens of already dilapidated properties on the sea front.

In recent years footings have been washed away – with many properties collapsing into the Mediterranean sea – in an ongoing battle to save those that still stand.

A section of road has collapsed, due to the storms, along with increased damage to properties and private walkways.

Property owners have shored-up and attempted to rebuild damage. Huge concrete boulders are placed in front of properties – in an attempt to limit further damage.

As reported in The Leader the Mayor of Guardamar del Segura, José Luis Saez, reported the dangerous state of the rescue tower at La Playa de Viveros, leaning, due to its base eroded by waves in Storm Gloria.

Damage caused by Storm Gloria on the coastline is being assessed, prior to reconstruction work commencing.

The Beach Council have held a meeting to put forward a request to the Valencian Tourism Agency to invest financially on the coast.

The Policia once again placed Prohibited – no entry signs and barriers – across walkways and approaches to the beach in the aftermath of Storm Gloria, ignored by many members of the public.


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