Spanish Football Dominates the Decade

Spanish Football Dominates the Decade
Spanish Football Dominates the Decade

The 2010s saw Spanish Football dominate Europe and the world by scooping 25 of the most sought after trophies like the Super cup titles, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and Europa League.

Football teams from Spain made it a habit to add cups to their trophy cabinets by not only winning leagues but winning them consecutively. As we wait to see what the Grand National runners for 2020 will achieve, here’s what Spanish teams managed to achieve in the last decade.

Spanish Football Teams That Dominated The 2010s

Real Madrid, aka “Los Blancos,” left a major mark in the 2010s by lifting Champion League titles in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018. That made the team the first one to win the cup three times consecutively since 1992. Also, “The Whites” are considered the most active as well as the all-time football rulers as they took home 13 Champion League titles in the 2010s. 

It all began in 2014 after beating their city opponents Atletico Madrid 4-1 at the finals in Lisbon. The winning of the three consecutive Champion League titles, Atletico Madrid 4-1 through penalties, Juventus 4-1 and Liverpool 3-1 during the finals, got to shock the whole of Europe and the world.

That earned Real Madrid a reputation of the most successful club in Europe. On top of that, the Spanish football heroes are today leading the UEFA with 134,000 points.

Barcelona Wins Champion League Twice in the 2010s

Lionel Messi drove Barcelona to Champion League victory twice during the last decade. That was 2011 and 2015. During the finals in 2011, Barcelona beat Manchester United 3-1 in Wembley Stadium. Also, they won against Italy’s Juventus in 2015 at the finals in Berlin. They also took home the Super Cup title in 2011 and 2015.

Atletico Madrid Dominate 2010s

Real Madrid’s major rival Atletico Madrid also left a considerable mark in the 2010s football games. They also won the thrice in the Europe League. In 2010, they beat England’s Fulham 2-1, Atletico Bilbao from Spain 3-0 in 2012, and Olympique Marseille from France 3-0 during 2018 finals. The team made a historical mark in football by taking home the cup in 2010, 2012 and 2018.

Spain Brings Home 2010 World Cup

Spain put Madrid on the map in 2010 by bringing home the most yearned cup (World Cup). Spain employed Barcelona’s most known passing tactic, “tiki-taka,” and gained international recognition. The style, known for short, accurate passes and high ball possession, made the team to generate creativity avoiding physical combat.

The then Barcelona’s midfielders trio Xavi Hernandez, Andres, and Sergio Busquets performed the “tiki-taka” with zeal. That majorly brought victory to Barcelona and Spain as a whole.

Sevilla, a Habitual Europa League Winner

Sevilla claimed Europa League thrice in the 2010s. The club has won the most Europa League titles in the last decade, having taken the title for over three times. In 2014 finals, Sevilla won over Benfica from Portugal 4-2 through penalties at Turin in Italy.

The club won the same trophy in 2015 when they defeated Ukraine’s Dnipro 3-2 at the finals in Warsaw. In the 2016 finals held in Switzerland, Sevilla beat Liverpool 3-1. Those goals made the club take home the Europe League trophy three times consecutively.


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