Local Freemasons visit the San Jose Obrero orphanage in Orihuela.

Local Freemasons visit the San Jose Obrero orphanage in Orihuela.
Local Freemasons visit the San Jose Obrero orphanage in Orihuela.

Recently Freemasons from Caledonia Lodge visited the San Jose Obrero Orphanage, in Orihuela, to present them with a surprise Christmas gift of one thousand euros for the benefit of the children.

WBro Bullock had the pleasure of sitting down with the Director of the orphanage Sr. Vicente Martínez Agulló, who informed him of the history and many achievements of the San Jose Obrero Foundation over recent years.

They now care for and house eighty orphans, of all nationalities, and is also a day centre with twenty-four places available for children with very few other resources. Most of these arrive at five in the afternoon, do their homework, shower and have dinner before going back to sleep in their own home.

They also provide sheltered accommodation for young people, helping them to make the transition from orphanage life to becoming self-sufficient in the outside world a little easier. A very important function as the transition is never easy.

The San Jose Obrero Orphanage is also responsible for the running of the local school, which four hundred children from the Orihuela district attend. In addition, they operate skills workshops in carpentry, hairdressing and car mechanics, which offer a full four years of very useful training with fully qualified staff. After these four years they are able to obtain a Certificate of Competence before leaving the home and hopefully finding gainful employment within local industry.

The motto of the organisation is “No One Grows up Alone”.

Local Freemasons, W.Bro Ian Bullock the Immediate Past Master of Caledonia Lodge and W.Bro David James, the Lodge Charity Steward, are seen in the photograph presenting Director Sr, Vicente Martínez Agulló with the gift of one thousand euros, in the form of Primark vouchers, for the benefit of the children of San Jose Obrero Orphanage, in Orihuela.

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