Man accused of fathering daughter’s baby

Man accused of fathering daughter’s baby
Man accused of fathering daughter’s baby

Elche’s Court of Violence on Women is investigating a man for a crime of abuse against his daughter, and another of sexual abuse with the investigation focusing on determining whether he and the victim had a sexual relationship when she was just 17 years of age.

It is understood that the young woman spent part of her childhood under the guardianship of the Generalitat after her father, now under investigation, was sent to prison. Following his released, the man got back in touch with his daughter, who was 16 years old at the time. Subsequently, the minor moved to live with her father and became pregnant.

The man’s arrest took place last Wednesday, after the young woman, assisted by a neighbour, accused him of assaulting her.

After he gave a statement to the judge, the man was provisionally released, “in the absence of any request for his imprisonment. The girl has been removed from the house as a precautionary measure.

The Spanish press states that in his judicial statement, the father stated that his intention was to recognise the paternity of the child before the Civil Registry of Elche. When the child was born, 15 months ago, the mother, who was 17 years old at the time, registered the birth in her name only, as a single mother so, as she explained in her testimony, in order to avoid the gossip that would have resulted.

The court has also agreed to carry out a psychological analysis of the victim. In this case, it will be necessary to clarify whether, due to its “exceptional circumstances”, the matter is the responsibility of the Court of Violence on Women or “if it needs to be put before an ordinary Court of Instruction.


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