Spain News: Shocking violence as man is attacked by thugs near Barcelona

Hospital Esperit Sant de Santa Coloma de Gramene
Hospital Esperit Sant de Santa Coloma de Gramene

Shocking violence has been witnessed in the municipality of Badalona, province of Barcelona, where a man was attacked by a group of thugs with knives and axes in the middle of the street.

According to a spokesperson from the Badalona City Council, the violent attack took place on Avenida Alfons XIII at around 16:30. A group of 8 men jumped out of their vehicles and attacked the man who was walking down the road in broad daylight.

The man was able to escape and ran to a nearby bar. The owner locked the front door of the bar to prevent the attackers entering but one of them got back into his car and drove it into the front of the building. The other attackers forced themselves into the bar and continued their assault on the man. Terrified customers screamed for help and tried to stop the violence.

Police and an ambulance were dispatched to the scene of the attack. The man was found covered in blood and with serious head injuries on the floor of the bar. He was quickly taken to the Hospital Esperit Sant de Santa Coloma de Gramene in Barcelona where he received medical attantion.

The police are currently studying CCTV which captured the attack with the intention of bringing the attackers to justice.