The parents of a 14 year old disabled boy who was severely injured in a road accident six years ago when he was hit head on by a van, before being dragged down the road by the vehicle, have hit out at the Governors of King Charles I School in Kidderminster, after a teacher, who nicknamed their son ‘roadkill’ has been told by school he can keep his job

The teacher, Brian Jefferson, who is a former WO1 (ASM) in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, has been the Director for Design and Computing at the school since 2015.

Rhys Jones, now aged 14, was left “distressed and upset” after Jefferson made the offensive comments to him as he arrived for class at King Charles I School in Kidderminster, Worcs.

He said that he was absolutely was gobsmacked to be greeted with: “Nice to see you, roadkill” and now, parents Laura and Garreth say they are fuming after the former REME WO1 was allowed to keep his job despite the offensive comment.

“We both made it clear that we wanted this teacher dismissed. We did not want him anywhere near Rhys, let alone teach him.

“As parents we want to protect Rhys’ emotional and mental wellbeing. Every day since, I have had Rhys come home from school upset and distressed. You would be angry if a student had said that to him, but you expect better from a teacher.”

The parents reported the incident the day after it is said to have occurred after which an investigation was carried out by the school. The teacher was withdrawn from his tutor group and he apologised to Rhys Jones with the staffing, curriculum and timetables then reorganised to ensure Rhys was not taught by Mr Jefferson during the upcoming school year.

But the parents were left furious that the teacher has retained both his job and his position and status as Head of Department. They say that their son still comes into contact with Jefferson on a regular basis which always leaves him physically and mentally distressed.

A spokesperson for King Charles I School said: “The school takes any complaints or concerns very seriously and has policies in place to investigate incidents to ensure pupil’s welfare remains our utmost priority. In line with these policies, the complaint was thoroughly investigated.”

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