A 48 year old man has been violently attacked in his home in Madrid by a group of men who broke into his house on Thursday afternoon.

The men fled the scene of the crime with valuables and cash.

Emergency services were called and arrived quickly to the scene of the incident. The man was transported to the Hospital October 12 in Madrid where he is fighting for his life.

The attacked which happened in the El Bosque district in Villaviciosa de Odón resulted in the man being stabbed by a knife several times as he tried to defend his property. When the emergency services arrived he was bleeding heavily and had a stab wound in his chest.

The Guardia Civil have launched an appeal for more information and have opened a case for attempted murder. It is not yet understood why the man was a target for the attackers. The police are hoping he will be able to shed some light on the attack when he recovers.