Los Montesinos declares €2,290,000 surplus

Care of children amid COVID-19 school safety in Los Montesinso

By Andrew Atkinson

Los Montesinos Mayor José Manuel Butrón has thanked workers of the Council and Government team, following their management during 2019, with a balance of more than €2,290,000 surplus.

“I thank the City Council as well as the Government Team for the management throughout the year,” said Jose Manuel Butron.

The Mayor announced the last Local Government Board of Los Montesinos for 2019 has addressed various contracts, with the Wi-Fi contract to be installed in the Municipality, to be signed with Vega Fibra.

Approval of grants to neighbourhood associations, for the development of Cultural, Educational, Socio-economic and Sports activities of the 2019 annuity have been made.

The contract of renovation works for potable water for Capitán Cortés Street, has been made to Geos, for €59,000.

Approval of the specifications to tender the replacement of LED luminaires in the urban area, with over 250 lampposts, for energy savings, for an amount of € 90,000, has been made.

Approval of the specifications to award the work to contract the signs on the hiking trail ‘Montesinos, active Nature and Health’, for an amount of €15,700 has been made.

A vacancy has arisen to create a job pool Healthcare Assistance, Assistant. The 5th La Marquesa V Employment Workshop has also been approved.

“With the University Miguel Hernández de Elche (UMH), the drafting of the 1st Internal Gender Equality Plan of the Ayto de Los Montesinos has been approved,” said Jose Manuel Butron.


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