Lee brews storm-in-a-teacup!

Lee Howard: BigFM exit.
Lee Howard: BigFM exit.

By Andrew Atkinson

Lee Howard brewed up a storm-in-a-teacup – after his kettle went off the boil – leaving the BigFM and RTI radio presenter in a spin!

“I’m sure you’ll think it’s silly – but I’ve made an amazing discovery,” Lee, who resides near Torrevieja, told The Leader.

“On New Year’s day my kettle had, had it’s day. I couldn’t pop out to buy another – so I used a small saucepan to boil the water,” said Lee.

Musician and former executive at Decca and Chrysalis Records, London, Lee, who brought Paul Young to perform at Torrevieja Auditorium in 2019, said: “I drink tons of tea.

“But, even after one cuppa, my cup or mug goes brown on the inside. I’m forever cleaning them!”

Lee, working this year with Brian Ferry, and a whole host of top stars, in rehearsals with a great named band in Spain, said: “Water boiled in a saucepan makes it significantly clearer.

“Cups and mugs don’t get covered in brown stains – and the tea tastes even better!”.

Model and actress Lily Rose Brown said: “Lee may need to de-scale his kettle more often.”

However, Eileen Garson said: “I tried Lee’s experiment, and there’s definitely less staining on the cup.

“I used the kettle for my next cuppa, and there was more staining, than saucepan water.”

Lee said: “I’ve tried a few descalers, but my kettle packed up. I’m going to buy a kettle, with no element.”

Anna Etziono-Gilbert said: “Einstein and Lee have something in common – not sure what – but I’m sure there is something!”.


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