The three men who were arrested for allegedly raping three sisters, all of American nationality, on New Years eve in Murcia have been provisionally released on bail.

Al three of the accused have admitted that they met the girls in a pub adding that they went with them, but say they did not sexually assault them. In their statement to the National Police, the suspects insist that they are innocent.

Friends of one of the defendants, identified as Mohammed, waited for hours at the back door of the Guard Court, in the hope that the men would be released. Of Danish origin, they say that they trust in the innocence of their close friend, with whom they have lived for two years.

The police investigation began after the three sisters, aged 18, 20 and 23, denounced three men whom they met the night before, accusing them of sexual assault on New years eve as they were welcoming in 2020.

However all three victims are American and they left Spain hours after the attack, so they have not yet given a statement in court.

Investigators say they will keep in touch with them and with the US embassy, and that they are likely to be required to testify later (they are victims and, at the same time, witnesses), so they will be required to either return to Murcia or, if authorised, appear by videoconference.


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