CBD-Infused Fashion: What The Future Holds

CBD-Infused Fashion: What The Future Holds
CBD-Infused Fashion: What The Future Holds

Acabada ProActiveWear is the first-ever brand to launch CBD-infused activewear. The aim is to create luxury fashion for proactive women with CBD at the heart of the manufacturing.

Made in Portugal, the highest quality CBD is blended into the fabric so the women wearing the sporting apparel can perform at their best.

But what does this mean for the future of CBD? And more to the point, what does this mean for other industries?

After all, if CBD is making its way into fashion, it won’t be long until we see it in other places. 

So, with this in mind, here is all you need to know about CBD fashion and how we can expect CBD to impact the future across other business sectors.

CBD And Fashion

As mentioned above, Acabada is the company responsible for CBD-infused fashion. They use 25g of 99.99% pure CBD in their garments such as sports bras, leggings and zip-up jackets.

The reason behind any CBD product is to reap the rewards from its benefits – and CBD clothing is no different. Since Acabada use high-quality products, you can be sure that you are getting the real deal.

According to CBD Kyro, CBD in the clothes interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. For reference, the ECS is responsible for a range of bodily functions such as supporting coordination, movement and regulating pain and inflammation. 

Note that these are all important factors related to exercise.

CBD-infused fashion means that CBD is applied topically on your skin. As a result, a more concentrated CBD dosage reaches endocannabinoid receptors compared to if you were to take it in the form of oil or edibles.

Topical CBD also ensures that you can target the exact areas you want to get the benefits, while oral applications will spread the effects throughout the body. For example, CBD-infused leggings can relieve pain in your thighs and knees.

How Long Do The Benefits Of CBD Last?

With CBD-infused fashion, you can expect the benefits to last for around 5 hours. CBD is only released from the clothes as you move around, so be sure to start the clock when the sweat starts to trickle.

During this period, it’s likely you’ll feel your muscles and joints feel more relaxed throughout the remaining workout. If you’re working out with weights, you should also feel reduced soreness in your muscles.

Now, it’s tough to determine the correct dosage that works best as everyone is different. There are a tonne of factors that come into play, such as height, weight, age, and even the food you’ve eaten recently.

What This Means For The Future Of CBD-Infused Fashion

If this proves to be a hit with consumers, you can expect to see CBD-infused clothes to appear all over the place. After all, it’s not only people that exercise that could benefit from the effects of CBD.

CBD causal or loungewear could be the next sector to boom. When you’re ill, all you want to wear is your pyjamas and stay in bed, so what better way to a CBD-infused hat or jumper to help out with a cold, etc? It just makes sense.

Of course, the CBD needs to be released in a different way compared to the sportswear – the last thing you want to be doing when you’re sick is running around. 

As demand grows for CBD clothing, sustainability is crucial. The quality of CBD is crucial to feeling the effects, so manufacturers must be careful if they decide to mass-produce their items. If they don’t the whole appeal is lost and you’re better off just using CBD oils like those shown at Gift Wits.

But that’s just the fashion industry. There are plenty of others that will be impacted by CBD now and into the future.

Here are three that, along with fashion, are likely to be impacted the most.

1. CBD And Beauty 

As noted by Daily CBD Mag, CBD has a bunch of benefits like containing anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that clear breakouts. As a result, it has attracted much attention from beauty companies to be used in products like creams and topicals. In the future, it would not be surprising to see it used in other beauty products like lip balms and mascara.

Some of the largest organizations in the industry are taking note. In fact, Sephora is using it right now. They are selling a range of CBD products which are referred to as ‘beauty and bong’. 

Celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Katy Perry are endorsing CBD products too, with the former claiming she used CBD oil for her feet before the Oscars.

2. CBD And The Law

More and more states across the US are legalizing cannabis and CBD. This will result in a greater need for legal advice, so the future could see a boom in a whole new sector: cannabis law.

Lawyers involved in the cannabis space must interpret the law and provide specialist advice to companies looking to produce, manufacture or sell CBD-based goods to consumers or other businesses.

The ball has already begun to roll in this regard. The National Cannabis Bar Association was formed in 2015, but has now evolved into the International Cannabis Bar Association. Expect to see this organization get involved with plenty of CBD business in the future.

3. CBD And Banking

When an industry booms, the financial sector is never far behind to profit from its success either. Now, in terms of CBD, traditional banks have not been fond of lending to such businesses due to the legal issues around it.

However, this has seen a rise in small banks and credit unions stepping in and giving cannabis businesses the funding they need. One such company is Severn Bancorp, who provides this service in Maryland. They charge high fees in exchange for creating accounts for CBD and cannabis businesses.

But with the cannabis industry expected to be worth around $31 billion in 2022, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the larger banks to get involved in the future.


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