Ollie wins 2019 LaMangaTorre CC Superstars

Ollie Jarvis: 2019 LaMangaTorre CC Superstar.
Ollie Jarvis: 2019 LaMangaTorre CC Superstar.

Quesada Gym
Quesada Gym

LaMangaTorre CC’s annual Superstars Tournament was won by Ollie Jarvis, who scored 197 points – the youngster taking 16 points batting, 71 points bowling and 110 points in two catching rounds.

Jarvis was awarded the Superstars 2019 Winner’s Trophy, along with a brand new size SH,TON cricket bat, gifted by the ECL.

Rules. Round 1: Match Situation, players bowl/bat 3 overs. Points awarded, depending on performance on each ball. Once a batsmen is out, his/her innings is over and does not get to complete his/her 3 overs.

Bowlers gain points for dot balls and wickets, in some cases, may not bowl an over, if their batsman is out, before they bowl.

Batsmen must score runs to get points, and non-batsmen are awarded points for not getting out, at the end of each over.

Round 2: Short catching eliminator. 19 players catching. C. Wood, last man standing on 13 catches. 39 points.

Round 3: Long catching eliminator. 2 Final players. O. Jarvis and C. Rumi. The number of catches raising past the 10 mark; both players fell in the same round on 16 catches. 80 points.

League results. Trophies:  Leading run scorer: G. Neve, 199. Best Average: J. Kinsella, 32.50. Highest Score: J. Kinsella, 93. Leading Wicket Taker: C. Wood, 10. Best Bowling Figures: O. Jarvis, 4-40. Best Economy: S. Khan, 3.35. Leading Catcher: C. Rumi, 4.

“Special mention for individual performances went to H. James, with a great economy and bowling average, and T. Knowles, with his spectacular 1 over-1 run,” captain Kieran Wood told The Leader.

The Superstars results. 5th Place – T.Knowles, 127 Points

– 4th Place – C.Wood, 144 Points. 3rd Place – A. Alger, 154 Points. 2nd Place – C. Rumi, 159 Points. 1st Place – O. Jarvis, 197 points.

The Trophy presentation, Players Player and the Clubman of the Year.

“Players’ Player was C. Rumi, voted by the team for the player who made an impact on the field the most throughout the year.

“Either with the bat, ball, field, and all round attitude and atmosphere from a player. “Candidates for the position, included C. Wood, O. Jarvis, K. Wood, J. Kinsella, and P. Fletch,” said Kieran.

Clubman of the year was Kieran Wood, voted by the team, for a person who contributed the most to the team, on and off the field throughout the year. Candidates: P. Harvey, P. Fletch, A. House, H. James and O. Jarvis and K. Wood.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved with the newly formed LMTCC this year,” Kieran told The Leader.

“There has been many high points – a few low points – but at the end of the day, we are all friends in this club.  All together,” said Kieran.


1st Place – O.Jarvis, 197 points

2nd Place- C.Rumi, 159 points

3rd Place- A.Alger, 154 Points

4th Place- C.Wood, 144 Points

5th Place- T.Knowles, 122 Points

6th Place- D.Scott, 113 points

7th Place- B.Appleby, 101 Points

8th Place- K.Wood, 101 Points

9th Place- E.Fowler, 99 points

10th Place- J.Kinsella, 99 Points


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